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Close your eyes...

Take a deep breath...

Count to 10...

When you do this you are looking into the beautiful you, and it is the first step towards becoming  Zen.

Zen happens when we are relaxed. We are relaxed when we are happy. Somehow, as we get older, we do fewer silly things and we smile and belly-laugh less. 

Laughing is the best medicine and happiness is the place where Zen lives.

Balance your Zen gives you a symbol to remember the beautiful you, which will follow you wherever you go.

We all have moments of worry, yet women tend to be bigger worriers than men. People often worry because they genuinely care. Yet our care is most effective when we are in balance — we think clearer, and we’re more creative and intuitive. Worry can become an unhealthy emotional habit that acts like a hole in your gas tank, draining your vital energy and certainly robbing you of peace.

Next time you find yourself in a mental loop of worry, take a time out, look at your acquired Balance your Zen product to remember your inner ease while letting go of that old unhealthy pattern of worry. 


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Keep your Zen at balance!

Balance your Zen